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The Doghouse NYC

The Doghouse NYC- intimate compositions


Here are a few tracks exemplifying my production style. I combine tone, arrangement and performance to create a resonating, visceral impression which I refer to as the "impact" of the song.

My primary tools are neither digital nor analog. They don't have fancy names. And while The Doghouse NYC is filled with unique and wonderful things, I believe that artistry comes from the hands that wield the tools. My clients depend on my musicianship, my experience, my honesty, taste and intuition. They appreciate my ability to listen and to hear what is important to them. I am the fiercest critic and the strongest advocate of a song.

The examples below range drastically. —delicate, bold, subtle, chaotic. The hallmark of a Doghouse NYC production is not it's style. It is a focused sound, clear intent, and lasting emotional impact that resonates long after the last note has rung out.


JENNINGS Mobile Players Click Here

Mary Jennings

3 song playlist

A songwriting powerhouse and a bombastic performer, Mary Jennings' razor-sharp melodies and lyrics lend themselves perfectly to a take-no-prisoners production style.

MERRADY & GENE Mobile Players Click Here

Merrady and Gene

5 song playlist

Brooklyn duo weaving classical, old-world melody, and indi-rock into a hauntingly familiar soundscape uniquely their own

FADER CREEPS Mobile Players Click Here

Jill Cunniff

2 song playlist

Luscious Jackson's Jill Cunniff duo project with Nathan Rosenberg.

ABBY AHMAD Mobile Players Click Here

Abby Ahmad

4 song playlist

Poetic voice, powerful message, acoustic music cradled in eye-opening production.

POE Mobile Players Click Here


Beatles-esque melodies tempered with street-smarts and a technological edge earned us a gold record for our production work with this Atlantic artist's debut album, Hello.

CHAOS CHAOS Mobile Players Click Here

Chaos Chaos

2 song playlist

Formerly know as Smoosh, these sisters bring fresh and poppy energy in their self-titled reinvention.

EVGENY LEBDEV Mobile Players Click Here

Evgeny Lebdev

4 song playlist

Billboard award winning jazz pianist/composer shares four ensemble tracks including his breathtaking composition, Essbjorn.

JENNA TORRES Mobile Players Click Here

Jenna Torres

8 song playlist

Warner/Chapel tunesmith and country diva makes for an unlikely Manhattanite.

FADER CREEPS Mobile Players Click Here

Jill Cunniff

2 song playlist

Luscious Jackson's Jill Cunniff duo project with Nathan Rosenberg.

JEFF LITMAN Mobile Players Click Here

Jeff Litman

1 song playlist

Roots-driven singer-songwriter and bandleader.

KAREN OBERLIN Mobile Players Click Here

Karen Oberlin

2 song playlist

Award winning cabaret artist featuring Kenny Washington on drums and Gene Bertoncini on guitar


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