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The Doghouse NYC

The Doghouse NYC- fun compositions

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A Musical Parody from Pajama Sam vidio

a pair apart

A delightful Broadway spoof. A lonely sock laments his match. Nathan Rosenberg as the sock. Note the interwoven melodies in the last half of the song. To read more about this project click here.

  • Musical Parody from Pajama Sam vidio

  • Vintage TV and Movie Themes

    Oz Poker

    From a simpler time. Movie and TV themes reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, and Leave it to Beaver. They make use of the wonderful VSL. The movie theme is from the BigFish Game title, Oz Poker. The TV theme was made for the character named Ronnie in Atari's Backyard Sports games, chronicled here.

  • Vintage TV Theme Mobile Players Click Here
  • Vintage Movie Theme Mobile Players Click Here

  • Surfy Ditty from Backyard Sports Mobile Players Click Here

    Surf Kid

    This is a Custom Character Theme for Atari's Backyard Sports You can read more about the creation of these fifty themes here.

    Music for a Christmas Toy Mobile Players Click Here

    Sugarplum faries, F.A.O. Schwartz, Icecapades, you get the idea. This song graced a holiday toy with a 1 inch speaker. Another good example of the VSL being put go good use. To read more about music for toys click here.

    Pills-Boogie Demo video


    So who doesn't like a little boogie-woogie now and then? Unfortunately, while this demo for Massive Music was never picked up, it's still a fun one to showcase.

  • Pills-Boogie Demo video

  • Spaceship Flyby Mobile Players Click Here

    Spaceship Flyby

    Dark sky, bright stars, the long form of a star cruiser slowly panning across the screen. The rumble of the space engines which was created by lo-pass filtering the sound of ocean waves and laying it under the score.This piece accompanied the “Space Camp” scene from a video game for Humongous Entertainment.

    Tumbleweeds and Desert Buttes Mobile Players Click Here

    We tip our hat to film composer Ennio Morricone in this spoof on the Spaghetti Western Genre. The Honky Tonk piano part in the middle is uniquely our own. This song was part of a video game soundtrack for Atari.

    Pajama Sam Chess Theme Mobile Players Click Here

    Pajama Sam Chess

    PJ confronts a life-sized chess puzzle in a Baroque parlor. He must solve it in order to proceed to the next level. We suggest the Danish Gambit or perhaps the Orangutan attack. Chess anyone?

    Backyard Baseball "Santana" Theme Mobile Players Click Here

    not Carlos Santana

    A Backyard Kid theme. We were asked to create a Santana-like piece. Ironically, we were working on an actual Santana album at the time (with producer Elliot Mazer) and had the good fortune to be able to solo Carlos' guitar track on the song Feels Like Fire, featuring Dido. While it may not have actually helped us to parrot his unique sound, it was sure fun. Read more about the Kid Theme project here.

    The Funniest Track Ever Mobile Players Click Here

    Be one with the cheeze. Embrace it. This is hands down the funniest track we ever made.

    Don't stop this '80's sitcom theme before the glorious guitar statement at the end. Dooogie?! Are you out there?

    Dirty Dirty Feeling Minus One Mobile Players Click Here

     long live the king

    ...So this guy comes into the studio and wants this track re-recorded without vocals. We aren't really allowed to talk about it but we can say that we had a blast.

    Whimsical Clarinet Demo video

    Composition demo for a Rolaids commercial It's Micky-Mousing at its best (or worst). Micky Mousing is the name for music that parrots action in a literal way. In this instance, a clarinet melody re-enforces inflation and deflation on screen.

  • Whimsical Clarinet Demo video

  • Western Union video

    In this commercial for Western Union we highlight the dramatic moment with a complete shutdown of the orchestra. Who pulled the plug? The entire track was loaded into a sampler and pitch shifted by hand for this effect.

  • Western Union video

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