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The Doghouse NYC

The Doghouse NYC- melodic compositions

Work Samples | MELODIC

New Day audio


An evocotive composition showcasing the studios drums nicely. Produced as a rock demo for AT&T.

Picket Line Mobile Devices Click Here

From Abby Ahmad's new release Cirriculum comes this infectiously political, piano-driven call-to-arms. Read more about Abby here.

Sunny Strum Mobile Devices Click Here

Western-style guitars, a piano strummed like an autoharp and a compelling melody make up this lighthearted piece.

Rite 4 U audio

From singer Jillian Armsburry comes this R&B track composed and produced at The Doghouse NYC Studios. It was composed as a pitch for an infamous meeting with Atlantic Records ledend Ahmet Ertegun. The details of how we wrote it are chronicled here.

Hyundai Demo video


A traditional rock demo for a Spanish language car commercial.

Piano Cycle and Strings audio

Melodic piano and strings make for a dramatic but compelling soundtrack.


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