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The Doghouse NYC

The Doghouse NYC- Reinventing the Modern Recording Studio. Music, Production, Recording.

Work Samples | ENERGY

Macy's video


An all-star cast swings hard in this high-enery demo for a Macy's holiday spot.

Electro-Jetta vidio


Energized electro bass meets bombastic drums at the end of this pitch for Volkswagen Jetta.

Ends With Disaster: Blind Mobile Players Click Here


This artery pumping rocker was tracked in a single take. In fact, the whole record was. We rehearsed them hard, dialed in the tones and did it right the first time.

Massive Hip Hop Mobile Players Click Here

This hard-hitting Hip Hop track begs to be cranked in a car with a very big sub.

Detroit Groove Mobile Players Click Here

We produced this Winehouse-esque Motown track to accompany a radio ad for Sephora.

Disco-licious! video


Well, there's a party going on right here. This rump thumping track was a demo for a J.C. Penny spot.

20th Century Classical Kid Mobile Players Click Here

From Atari's, Backyard Sports this is one of nearly fifty themes, each accompanying a character from the video game series. This one, inspired by Stravinsky's Firebird, features extensive use of the VSL library of orchestral samples.
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Big Drums, Big Guitars Mobile Players Click Here

Do we like big? You bet we do. This is a demo excerpt from a promotional TV trailer. It proves the point again that even a modest jazz drumkit can go boom.

Calypso Mobile Players Click Here

This happy track is a jazzy blend of sax, sand, and sunshine. Coconut sold separately.

Drum 'n Bass Pong Demo video


In this demo, Andy Roddik challenges Pong to a Drum'n Bass score. These sounds were lovingly crafted from a fifteen dollar toy piano.


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