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The Doghouse NYC

Recording, production, composition, and information from producer/pianist, Nathan Rosenberg's secret music workshop.

Recording studio, music production facility, music boutique —a creative home-away-from-home for recording artists, and a one-stop destination for music composition. World-class instruments, seasoned production chops, great gear, and an impressive musical background combine in this unique space where music always comes first. Have a look around. Listen to our work and read about some of our projects and ideas to learn more about who we are and what we do.


Compelling soundtracks and songwriting in many styles. Content for ads, games, and narrative. Flexible, experienced, and efficient.


Years of experience and recording credits. We have helped countless artists realize their recordings.


High definition Protools, world-class grand piano, custom drums, analog tape, a funky Fender Rhodes, a vintage pump organ, great acoustics, surround sound, and a hand picked, boutique signal chain.


Experienced ears, multiple monitoring paths, high quality converters, effects, and a comfortable mix environment.


Our mix environment doubles as a pre-mastering/mastering suite. Our custom Ed Long mains reveal details that other systems can't reproduce.


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