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The Doghouse NYC

The Doghouse NYC- Reinventing the Modern Recording Studio. Music, Production, Recording.


The Otherworldly Vocal audio

Jill Cunniff's angular rhythmic sensibility and agile voice made Luscious Jackson a household name in the nineties with smash hits like Naked Eye. For her upcoming solo work, an equally infectious pop album with a more mature, introspective edge, we created a special vocal sound for the song Eye Candy.


Breaking the Glass Wall
Reinventing the Modern Recording Studio

The art of recording has changed dramatically. Mammoth recording spaces, giant glass walls, and mile long consoles have given way to smaller, more specialized rooms. As the decadent recording budgets of the last century dry up, small studios are cropping up even faster than the old behemoths fall silent. What can these spaces offer, how do you choose one, and what does this all mean to an artist, a label, or anyone looking for music content in this quickly changing landscape?


Recording the Grand Piano audio

I started recording piano before recording anything else, probably because I am a pianist. It is a notoriously difficult instrument to record, so when the editors of Recording Magazine asked me to write about miking acoustic pianos, I began by asking myself "What if I had known then what I know now?"


Étude in Composing Under Pressure audio

Sometimes you get stuck. Inspiration is a valuable commodity in our business. But it doesn't always flow when you need it to. When deadlines loom, opportunity knocks, or when you just need to get out of a rut, it sometimes helps to have a few tricks in your bag. It can be all you need to get juices flowing...and fast.


Cymbal Soup: Sound Design, Music, & Video video!

Sometimes all you need is a single sound to really get you going. A recent demo for the DTC's A Diamond is Forever ad campaign demanded a dreamy ambient pad. The sleepy holiday scene we were provided needed an eerie drone to suspend the action and provide cohesiveness to the soundtrack. We wanted this sound to function as sonic “broth” —a stock providing underlying flavor and mood to the surrounding composition.



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