The Doghouse NYC Piano


Our Mason and Hamlin "AA" was produced in 1926.

The Mason and Hamlin Company, predates Steinway. They are renowned for concert instruments. Characterized by a warm clear tone, and superb touch and feel, ours is no exception.

This piano has been recently rebuilt by the gifted craftsmen at Klavierhaus here in New York City. The Klavierhaus workshop is among the few that subscribe to the philosophy and method of the Golden Age of American piano making. Using 150-year-old European techniques and traditions, Klavierhaus exactingly restored our Mason to meet the demands of a modern day studio.

With precision Abel hammers and a new Renner action, it outperforms instruments of any class. Our "AA" retains its dark tone, but is extremely dynamic and clean. The 6'2'' bass rumbles; the treble is bell-like. It records exquisitely. If you are a pianist you will LOVE this instrument.